Myron Draper

Myron DraperI didn't attend Walsh, and I've never worked here. I'm not even Catholic. But I choose to give to Walsh University because of an enduring bond with my friend — one that has transcended time. You can count on one hand all the really true friends you have in a lifetime. Gary Farey was at the top of that list. And he died unexpectedly and way too early at the age of 54.

Gary was a member of Walsh's first graduating class and earned his accounting degree in 1964. A loving husband and father, Gary was a terrific exceptional man with a wonderful personality.

Gary was also a strong advocate for Walsh and a loyal supporter of the University. We wanted to be sure that his memory and his willingness to give were sustained with the creation of the Gary Farey Endowed Scholarship. Gary came from a blue collar family and wouldn't have been able to go to college if it hadn't been for the GI Bill. Each year we carefully select our recipients but not based solely on their academic records. It's easy for the very smart to get scholarship dollars. We wanted to help those "middle" students who are so often overlooked. Those students like Gary, who show a lot of potential but lack the means.

When Gary was a student, Walsh had only two buildings and 67 students. If he could see what has happened to Walsh over the years, I think he would be amazed.

He was already proud.

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